The Best of Adventure Travel


Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure travel? You’re no alone. More and more people are opting for adventure travel to put more excitement in their lives and experience parts of the world that mainstream travelers miss out on.

This article lists some adventure travel destinations that you can consider to add that extra excitement to your next vacation, so read on.

Chile – Another Kind Of Food

When it comes to adventure, South America is near the top of the list. And Chile can hold its own with offering an unforgettable adventure trip. There is so much to see in this amazing country it’s difficult to know where to begin, but a good place to is at one or more of the following great places in Chile:

1. Atacama Desert/San Pedro de Atacama

Travel destination Chile image

2.  Valle Nevado

3. Rosario, the Bio Bio Valleys, and the Maipo Valley

4. Valparaiso and Viña del Mar

5. Chiloe

6. Futaleufu River

….More at Ski, Surf, Sip, Raft and Ride: Six Places to Explore the Diversity of Chile


The Adventure That is Mexico

Mexico has much to offer, but unfortunately there are many scary misconceptions about this beautiful country that keeps it off many people’s list of places to visit.

Here are some of the fallacies:

1. Because of the drug war, all of Mexico is unsafe. Don’t risk traveling there, especially with kids.
2. Tourists are being targeted and killed, even in the “safe” areas. Anyone could get caught in the crossfire, even your children.
3. If you do go, stick to the touristy areas – they’re the safest for you and your kids.
4. Mexico is just a poor, third world country. There’s not much to see and do anyway, especially for kids.

Now that those are out of the way, take a deep breath and relax because here are some must-go areas in Mexico to visit to tickle that call for adventure.

1. Lake Chapala

2. Morelia

3. Mexico City

4. Oaxaca

5. Chiapas

6. Laguna Bacalar

We spent six splendid weeks right on her shores – kayaking, swimming, sailing, and sunbathing. It was reallyreally hard to leave….More at Why You Should Ignore All the Urban Legends & Take The Kids to Mexico


Camping Holidays

Camping is not usually what most people have in mind when they think of a family vacation, but a family camping vacation in a foreign country can offer a fun as well as relaxing vacation. Though not for everyone, it definitely fits the bill for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Europe and its varied countries and landscapes is the perfect destination for family camping holidays.

An alternative type of holiday, camping lends itself perfectly to a greener way of life and travel. If you’re already familiar with the joys of pitching a tent in tranquil countryside, then you can consider yourself lucky.

Many families can be put off by camping as a viable option due to all the planning that goes with it. Preparation is indeed an important part of making family camping trips go off without a hitch. However, once you arrive at your campsite and pitch your tent – you are embarking on an adventure….More at Camping Europe



Seeking Train Adventure

I love train travel...

Traveling by train can be an adventure in itself. Add in a foreign country and you’ve got a front row seat to adventure.

Too often when we think about a vacation, we only focus on the destination and miss out on the adventure of getting there. The advantage with taking a train is that it makes the “getting there” an adventure, so it’s a great way to extend your travel adventure.

Rail tours are the perfect (and green) way to travel, giving you time to enjoy the passing scenery as well as the iconic stop-offs en route. Each of the world’s continents (barring the Poles!) can be explored on a rail adventure, and here’s how.


Travel from London to Bruges or Northern Italy on a classic train and watch the world go by, from the mountains and valleys of Switzerland to the vineyards and rolling hills of France. Traveling on a luxury train adds class, elegance and style to a European trip. Enjoy the canals of Venice or the cobbled streets of Bruges on a European rail spectacular.



Japan has some fantastic rail routes with tours taking you into the gorgeous countryside that is decorated with cherry blossoms in spring and auburn splendor in autumn. In between the bustle of Tokyo and the grace of Hiroshima, visit traditional towns with geisha and samurai districts that are beautifully preserved and traditional Japanese castles with traditional tiers and graceful sweeping roofs.


North America

Coast-to-coast through the USA is one of the most epic rail adventures the world has to offer. Travel from New York to San Francisco and pass through the diverse American landscape from sparkling cities and wilderness to canyon land and the Wild West. Stop-offs in Chicago, a visit to the Grand Canyon and passage through the Rocky Mountains are all part of the adventure. A rail tour through Canada in winter is also spectacular, passing through snow-capped peaks and glaciers to see wilderness and wildlife….More at Train Traveling Around The World




Backpacking Adventure Travel

The over-mounting excitement one typically feels before heading off on an around the world backpacking adventure is hard to fully describe in words.  The delayed gratification it takes to save for a trip, pre-planning and waiting all add to the adrenaline rush of when things finally come come together in the end.  Although major issues such as funds, planned itinerary and length of the trip are often predetermined before one ventures off into unknown territory, it is the little things/details that are often overlooked.  The following five tips are suggestions to make your ‘big trip’ run a little smoother:

1)  Backup Portable/External Hard-Drive
2)  Second ATM or Credit Card
3)  Travel Insurance
4)  Scanned Copies of your Important Documents
5)  Travel Towel

This last tip to take a travel towel is hardly an essential item, but I thought I would include it because it’s something that I’ve always carried with me on the road.  When travelling in hot and humid climates or if you’re constantly on the move, having a towel that is lightweight, easily dryable and doesn’t take up a lot of space ensures one will always be able to take a comfortable shower.  Although many hostels/guest houses have towels, others simply don’t and a regular towel takes much longer to dry.  Nothing is worse than arriving at your new destination tired and in need of a refreshing shower only to find the towel you’ve been carrying in your bag is slightly damp, moldy and noticeably odour ridden.  I’ve personally used this deluxe adventure travel towl on all of my backpacking trips….More at 5 Things To Consider Before Going Backpacking Around The World


Green Adventure Travel

If your consideration is more towards the carbon footprint you leave while traveling, there are travel companies that can accommodate you. Don’t think that you must limit your options if you plan an environmentally friendlier vacation because you’ll be surprised how much adventure awaits you on an eco-friendly destination.

You can’t always choose how you get somewhere and what sort of carbon footprint that will leave, but you can choose a travel company that keeps the environment in mind, therein counteracting your holiday carbon footprint. These 5 companies have a reputation for planning great green trips and giving back to the environment:


Cabin in the Woods

Natural Discovery
This company seeks out and promotes eco friendly accommodations of all shapes and sizes including large resorts, bed and breakfasts and even small, rentable cabins across England, Wales and Scotland. If you book your vacation through the company, Natural Discovery uses multiple methods for offsetting the carbon footprints it encourages like donating energy efficient light bulbs to many of the properties listed on the site. The company also offers a Discovery Break package, which includes information on local history, culture and cuisine.

Nature Travels
Get ready to spend all your time outdoors as this company takes nature enthusiasts canoeing, timber rafting, horse riding and kayaking through Sweden. During the winter, adventurers can enjoy cross-country skiing and dog sledding. Nature Travel donates 4.15 Euros per patron to Climate Care, as well as 2% of its profits to conservation efforts. Only local, small-scale service providers that meet sustainability criteria are used in the packages.

National Geographic Expeditions
This company caters to the adventurous, offering eco-tours, eco-expeditions and National Geographic Expeditions on all seven continents. 100% of the proceeds from the site go to National Geographic research efforts. Tours often include schools, workshops and markets where local artisans sell their products….More at 5 Green Travel Companies For Every Type Of Adventurer


As you can see, there are some exciting options available to you on an adventure travel destination, and these ideas presented barely scratch the surface. So if the next time you’re planning a vacation, find out what so many people are discovering about adventure trips and jump on board. It may just be the recharger you are looking for.


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The Right Golf Travel Package Will Guarantee a Relaxing Holiday

Golf Travel Package

You may be considering a golf travel package and hoping to reserve some time at one of the many great golf destinations in the U.S. or possibly an international location.  It is best to compare prices of the various packages online first. for your company?  There are many corporate packages available online or through your local travel agent.  They offer discount golf vacations to international golf locations and destinations within the U.S.}

Are you planning a golf travel package for your company?

There are many locations that offer a great golf travel package that can also include a meeting space or conference room. These packages may also include a corporate discount for the accommodations, greens fees, a rental van, as well as vouchers for meals and golf, maps and other extras.

A golf vacation package can be found for under $1500 and some for as little as $200.  The cost is dependant on the number of nights, the number of meals included, the location, and excludes taxes and travel expenses, such as airline flights, to and from the destination. can be reserved for under $2000 per person and possibly as little as $180.  Of course, the golf travel package costs are determined by the number of people going, the time of year, number of nights lodging, meals and location.  These prices would not include travel costs.}

A golf travel package can be customize to accommodate your particular needs. There are hundreds of locations to choose from.  Almost anywhere there is a gof resort a golf travel package can be designed for your corporate or individual use.

Plan a trip for your group to Puerta Vallarta and golf for just $58 per round per person, including a shared cart, range balls, taxes, and a 15% discount at course restaurants and on rental clubs.

Many of these destinations, both international and in the U.S., have beautiful golf resorts with spas and top rated restaurants on site.

The cost would vary of course on the dates but could include: Six nights first class accommodations, car & driver or rental van, full English breakfast daily, lunches at all three Royals as well as guaranteed tee times & paid green fees, and all the services the local resort offers.

You may want to stay in the U.S. and plan your golf travel package around one of the golf championships such as the Masters Tournament at Augusta, or the U.S. Open and watching the pros in action.

You could save a little money by planning your golf travel package during the off season.  As is true with anything else, it is always important to plan ahead to insure your golf travel package will be the best planned and most enjoyable trip you have ever taken.

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Things To Know About Skywest Airlines

Flyers have been paying more attention lately to the many regional airlines. One very popular airline is Skywest Airlines, which has become a leader among regional carriers in America. Skywest is based in Utah, which it served exclusively when it began business. However, today you will find Skywest flying into many locations throughout the Midwestern and Western parts of America. Skywest partners with much bigger airlines and a lot of its flights are for these airlines. However, it is still independently owned. This article will give you a closer look at Skywest Airlines and how it can benefit you.

Skywest is a very safety conscious airline on which to fly. They have more than lived up to their motto, “Safety First.” For example, it’s a point of pride that they have never been cited for any fatal accidents during their over thirty years of flying. And, overall, their accident rate is incredibly low. Their fleet of aircraft is exceptionally reliable and up-to-date. These aircraft, which are inspected at the minimum of one time each week, include: Brasilia EMB120 ER, Canadair Regional Jet 900, Canadair Regional Jet 700 ER, and the Canadair Regional Jet 200. Most people are still skeptical that flying is safer than riding in an automobile, but the fact remains that you are 32 times safer when you fly – and it doesn’t matter if it’s with a regional carrier or a major airline. And, in addition to being safer, it’s actually faster to fly than to drive.

If you want to make reservations for a Skywest Airlines flight, you have to deal with one of its partners. Skywest doesn’t take reservations or issue tickets directly, as its flights are operated on behalf of its partners, which are AirTran, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and Alaska Airlines. Reservations can be made by either calling these airlines, visiting their websites or going directly to the ticket counters at an airport. You may also be able to book a Skywest flight by visiting the website of a discount broker or travel service. However, when not dealing directly with an airline, make sure the company or website is reputable.

If you or anyone you’re traveling with has special needs, you should verify that Skywest Airlines is able to accommodate this. As a smaller regional airline, Skywest doesn’t always have the same capabilities as larger airlines. For example, anyone who may require therapeutic oxygen should not book a flight with Skywest, as this is not something that’s available. Wheelchairs can be accommodated on some, but not all of the planes flown by Skywest.

Nor can service animals be seated in passenger seats. Such special needs are more easily met on larger planes than on those flown by Skywest and other regional carriers. So anyone with such requirements should check with Skywest before booking a flight with them. After seeing what Skywest Airlines has to offer, perhaps you can determine what is right for your future plans to travel. Numerous times a better and more effective way to arrive in a smaller metropolitan area is through a sound regional airline such as Skywest. Now offering a multitude of options, if you have not viewed Skywest Airlines in recent months you might want see what they propose at this time.

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